Chick Flicks

Pluck Wuck vs MC Brooster

Exclusive view of Pluck Wuck’s first music video

Pluck Wuck sings Bach

The title ‘Pluck Wuck sings Bach’ tells you everything you need to know about this clip. It’s a clip of Pluck Wuck singing Bach 

Pluck Wuck’s Interview with Will Young

Pluck Wuck’s in depth interview with Will Young at the 2009 Hay Festival

Pluck Wuck’s Birthday Message

This recent work from Pluck Wuck was commissioned to celebrate the 40th birthday of some Irish bloke named Anto

Baffled by Nature

This is a clip from the pilot episode of “Baffled by Nature”

a documentary series designed, produced and presented by Pluck Wuck.

We haven’t heard whether the series has been commissioned yet, but we’re quietly confident. You can’t fake quality.

Pluck Wuck does a trick with Nelson’s Column

As a tribute to the much missed magician and old friend David Blaine, 

Pluck Wuck respectfully does a trick with Nelson’s Column

Pluck Wuck wishes you a Merry Christmas (2009)

This is a video of Pluck Wuck wishing you all a Merry Christmas

in a film simply called ‘Pluck Wuck wishes you all a Merry Christmas’

Pluck Wuck’s Skiing Adventure

Pluck Wuck attempts a death defying ski jump

I don’t want to give too much away but he makes it

Pluck Wuck flying through Central Park

This is the only surviving clip from the feature film ‘Pluck Flies Through Parks’. Luckily it’s was without doubt the highlight clip of the film and captures the essence of the director’s brilliance – brilliessence. So sit back, put your feet up, then get some pop corn and enjoy what’s left of ‘Pluck Flies Through Parks’ 

Pluck Wuck Gallery

Here are some of Pluck Wuck’s Favourite Photos set to music

Pluck Wuck rocks with Anvil

This is me being a rock chick onstage with Anvil

They are the stars of the film ‘Anvil – The Story Of Anvil

Vula and LaDonna sing to Pluck Wuck

Vula and LaDonna recreate the classic song “Black People Always Late and Love the Chicken” and sing it to Pluck Wuck

Dr Fox announces news about Pluck Wuck TV

Pluck Wuck went to Dr Fox to tell him the sky was falling in.

Dr Fox thought he said that Sky was calling him.

Dr Fox panicked and did a piece to camera about Pluck Wuck TV

Pluck Wuck Christmas Video 2010

Pluck Wuck wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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