Chick Lists



Cluck Berry, Yolko Ono, Little Red Rooster, Wings, Korn, Sheryl Crow, Jeff Beakly, Henry Mancini, Shacka Khan, Joe Cocker, Lay Charles, Feather Report, The Yolk Implosion, Peck, Egg, Feeder, Alice Cooper, Roger Poultry, Tony Hatch, Wishbone Ash, The Eggwhite Stripes, Feather Small (from Hen People), Herbie Hencock, Chick Corea, Jah Gobble, Emily Loizeau, Poachford, Poulez, The Beakles, Chic, Eggy Lee, EggsTC, Bronski Beak, Tom Pecky and the Heartbeakers, Wing Out Sister


The Way You Cluck Tonight, Lay Lady Lay, Message in a Wattle, It’s Raining Albumen, Simply the Nest, New Yolk New Yolk, Don’t Cluck Back in Anger, Chick to Chick, Wings Ain’t What They Used to Be, I Should Be So Plucky, Heartbeak Hotel


Salmonella Fitzgerald, The Bad Seeds, Fleet Foxes, Kentucky Woman, Howling Wolf, Bruce Cockburn, Sam Cooke, Frank Scrambale, eColli am Kloot


Beat It, Omlette it Be, Muskrat Scramble, Over-easy Lover, Love Me Tender


Beak Practice, LA Claw, Eggs Factor with Simon Fowl, Home to Roost, Birds of a Feather, Eggs and the City, The Broody Bunch, West Wing, Starsky and Hatch, Eggheads, Strictly Come Dancing (it’s not a chicken pun, I just like it)


It’s a bit corny, but The Lone Free Ranger, The Shawshack Redemption, Cluckwork Orange, Chicky Chicky Bang Bang, A-Pollo 13, Rooster’s Millions, Grain Man, Cock Stock and Two Smoking Fowl, Breast in Show, Dead Poultry Society, The Good the Bad and the Eggly, Beak Encounter, Meet the Cluckers, Poultrygeist, Star Peck, Once Upon a Time in the Nest, Chicken Wings of Desire, Pullett, Hen Hur, Apeckalips Now, Don’t Cluck Now, The Dirty Dozen, Thouroughly Modern Millet, In the Name of the Feather, X-Hen, Eggs-Hen 2, Goodfeathers, Look Who’s Squawking, The Eggsorsist, Poultrygeist, Cocktail, Bantam of the Opera by Andrew Laid-Egger and featuring Michael Clawford. Anything with Jean-Claw Van Damme, Gregory Peck, or Shelly Duvall


Book book book book book book book-ahh


I only get Corn – it looks good on the menu


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